It’s been almost a year now that I stopped visiting my WordPress site. 

When I had a look at my site this morning, trust me, I was totes taken aback. I couldn’t even recognise the person who could’ve possibly written all that with those sad black and white images. Lol, though. Time changes us. And I did realize I’ve changed too. 

Changed for the good.

Cutting all the crap down and getting to the point, I’ve decided to start all over again. Be more punctual and a little more interesting. So, guys.

Here I come again. Geeeeeeheeeehee.


4 thoughts on “A new beginning.

  1. I generally write on my phone’s memo and today I was just reading the things that I’d written about a year back. It’s really striking how time changes us , as much as it changes the things and people surrounding us .

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