There are these lights. Bright lights.

There are these echoes. Loud echoes.

There are these winds. Cold winds.

There is this moon. Beautiful moon.

There are these people. Happy people.

There are these promises. Fake promises.

There is this hour. A lonely hour.

There are these tears. Unseen tears.

There are these dreams. Broken dreams.

There are these scars. Deep scars.

There are these memories. Forgotten memories.

There are these thoughts. Untamed thoughts.

There is this wait. Never-ending wait.

And then amidst these chaos…she stands there alone bewildered.
Unable to think. Unable to feel. Unable to understand.
She stands there weak and unsteady.
She waits there for someone. For something she once knew was her’s.
She knows there aint anyone coming but she waits. She still waits.
She knows that she will just end up perishing amidst these chaos and meet the dust.
She knows.
She knows it all.
She knows its all over.
There is going to be no saving and no help .

So all she does is stand there alone. Rejected. Lost.
She stands there alone to be accepted. To be found.

Mahek Mithare


31 thoughts on “That girl.

  1. very lovely and moving, I feel this girl’s thoughts … nice work, I look forward to reading much more of your work, you are very talented! Peace and light to you… Michelle


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