How can someone be this beautiful?

Tell me! How?!?!

Its like , when you look at him…you know you are looking at perfection.

You know he is magic.
That he is toxic.


I want to stay away from this guy.
This guy who seems so foreign, so extra terrestrial.

But I know I cant.
Its like he’s got this unrecognised control over me…some sort of a spell.

His eyes are soooo deep that I fall deep into them when I look at them.

I want to stay away from his field of attraction …because I know there aint anything else waiting there for me….

Except pain.


Mahek Mithare


29 thoughts on “Go away.

  1. Mehak. I just love your writing with so passionate feelings that make me fell for the character to soothe her pain. Keep touching our hearts and I wish u derive some hope for the character Love it

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Avi! Punch on the way. 👊👊
      This is my BLOG.
      Kindly make sure that the content you post is relevant and does not give rise to any undesired consequences.

      I know you are laughing.
      But PUH-LEEZ.



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