Of all things…first, I’d like to thank thelonelygirlie for havin’ nominated me for ‘The Beautiful Blogger’. I know this is a silly award and all that but even these tiny-miny things matter for a writer struggling to get hold of an audience. So thank you.

Do check thelonelygirlie’s posts at:


She is an amaaazzingg blogger and i am sure you’ll enjoy readin’ it. A beautiful author with splendid pieces of literary work. Do check out, okay?

Rules are:

-Link the blogger who took the time to nominate you.
-List 7 random things about yourself.
-Nominate 7 creative beautiful bloggers.
-Notify the bloggers that you nominated their blog for the award.

7 random things about me:

1) I love ice-cream. 🍨🍧🍦

2) A total cray lover of handbags. 👜👛

3) I wanna grow rich someday-not to experience the lavishness or to help the poor..but for the people in my life to know WHO I AM.

4) My fav color is wild pink.( heehee
.i know that lame.)

6) I just skipped no. 5 cuz i dont have much to say about myself….hmm. Strange, aint it?

7) Am in love with a guy….who will never EVER love me back.( hehe. Joke. Joke. :P)

Yeah. So thats that.

And here I further nominate 7 of the beautiful bloggers I know:

1) lifehelps.wordpress.com

2) todaysthree.wordpress.com

3) aroohahijazi.wordpress.com

4) amytheblogger.wordpress.com

5) dailydovetext.wordpress.com

6) lovelettersbyapurva.wordpress.com

7) garvitabatraa.wordpress.com

Best of luck to my beautiful bloggers!😚❤👍👍

Mahek Mithare


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