This afternoon ,I happened to meet one my friends, Kajal(name changed).

The last time I had seen her was perhaps a year back when she was filled with all that zest and enthu prevailing on the surface of earth. She was perhaps one of the most liveliest things that I had ever come across. With the warmest of the warmest personality – as in, one of those happy-go-lucky sort of. I could never imagine tears and her fit in one single equation. Like EVER. If I ever needed a relationship advice- she was there. Ultimately, she was the best company anybody could have.


But now…things had apparently changed.

When I met her this afternoon , I dint feel that air of glee around her. Infact, this pretty little thing seemed so out of shine that she looked one-half of the size she was when I saw her the last time. Kajal loved make-up. Never had I seen her lips bare or her ears without huge twinkly and singing earings.But today, I dint see her wear anything on her face. She was so dull. So out of shape. When I greeted her with a “hi” she seemed as though she was just plunged out of a deep muse. She did smile. And greeted me with a “hey” too.

” You look dull.” I said. Though I know this wasnt the best thing to start with for a convo after a year.

” Oh really …well my make-up has been ditchin’ me lately. I suppose” she said.

The following convo was more or less random- about how sick the food in our canteen was and how lame Sheeba looked in her red wrap-around on the Grad’ Day.

So ,now as the convo wasnt leading to much I asked her :

“How are uncle and aunty? Its been sooo long that I saw them!”

She said with one straight face and a hopeless tone:

” Papa…passed away 8 months back.So I cant really tell you how he is right now.(she adds a fake laugh here). And mom….well. At times she is just OK. And at times she is worse than a numb animal. Well yeah. So thats that.”

And she looked right through my eyes with hopelessness. All my questions were answered. I couldnt stand seeing this free-spirited girl who was always stuck amidst her non-veg jokes and laughs was sitting before me today with a grievous smile. I dint know what to say. What to do! I was the only person who I knew was sad before I met her this afternoon. The person with all the pain on his shoulders.

But I was wrong. There were people in this world going through things much worse. I still remember once when a bee had stung her …she had CRIED. Literally. At that time I had said this,

“Kajal! Stop being so weak cry baby! God knows what this girl will do ahead in life.”

And now I knew who the stronger one was…..

Mahek Mithare


35 thoughts on ““She was no more.”

    1. No one cud ever answer why there’s so much pain in the world…
      So as the same song, i dont know the answer so as to why there is so much pain in my posts. 😦 😦
      However, the way i see it is that my posts only have a emotional component in them….ummm…not necessarily painful.
      :’) :’)
      Anyways..thanks for droppin’ by n readin’ my posts. :’)

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