Why do you do this to me?

Why do you give me your wings when you know I cant fly?.

Why do you tell me I am beautiful when we both know what an ugly,miserable creature I am?


Why do you make me feel special when I dont deserve it?

Why do you make me believe in something that is impossibly , ridiculously unoccurable?

Why do you make me get addicted to your love when you know that you’d leave one day?

Why? Oh god , why?


So dear loved one,

Love me only if you shall be there to hold me everytime I fall. And if at all I fall….. to be there to heal my scars.

Love me only if you know that it is that very love that is as old as time-and also,that very love that shall be as young as the time.

For I am too weak my dear…yes-this very girl you say you love – is very weak.

She is made of a heart of trembling muscles which seldom beat for and by itself. This very heart that has been trashed a million times as though it was nothing more than a fly in a pool of boiled milk.  This very heart which has lost its ability to love and to feel-and to desire.

I plead you to love me truly and to try and never let go.


Mahek Mithare


22 thoughts on “Why?

  1. I’m glad you made me find you, through your comment!. I love your blog, and can relate to everything you write here. It’s beautiful. I love that we also use the same theme. Will be here more often for inspiration.



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  2. Hundreds of questions were asked in the why….
    none were answered… all I got was a good bye…..

    Well written Mehek. it feels a relief when you find people who think so much alike. Keep up the good work.


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