Its going to be a long-tiring day again. Just like it was yesterday. Or day before.

Its been this way for quite sometime now. Everyday seems exactly like the other. Everything is so monotonous. I find no difference at all. Its just me and this world. No adventure. No nothing.

I dint even feel like waking up this morning. I wasnt sleepy. I was tired, fed-up and least interested in living another 24 hours the way i did yesterday- and the way i have been doing since last few months.

I feel sick. Mentally and emitionally. I know that the world has no fault- absolutely no fault- of its for my dreadful condition. Its me and only me to blame. I can try and be happy if I wish to. But now I have become used to this loneliness-this monotonous way of life. I am used to it and I fear another change.

So perhaps, i have no choice but to go and live this day. This long and tiring day.


8 thoughts on “Today.

  1. Life is a chain with links called “phases”. There are a few happy phases and a few not so happy. It moves on. You get used to it and that is the worst part – or may be the best. It is how you see it – or how you want to see it. I wish you smiles and cheers! 🙂 High-Five!

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  2. Well, they do say for friendship that as a start, one has to be one’s best own companion! (self mastery) Thereafter, we can discern the true from the chaff. In addition, sometimes for the most enlightened thoughts, you need to be in solitude to reflect without distraction.

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