Let me tell you that you are late,
Cuz I am already on a date.

He has those grey eyes,
Baby, for you I have now got goodbyes.

Cuz baby I’m not a bitch,
Whom you can always ditch.

My boy wears T-shirts having checks,
Unlike you my dear ex.

Tonight gonna have our first kiss,
Hopefully,  me now you wont miss.

Like you, he doesn’t lurk,
You fuckin’ jerk!

Our love story went on like a saga,
Thinking of you ,  I go gaga.

Tonight, he would get seduced,
Baby to it, now you should get used.

Next time honey, try your luck,
Cuz tonight we both gonna f***.

If you dont wish things to turn out so,
Ask that gf of yours to go.

And now to check if everthing’s fine,
Dial triple five , triple three , nine.
Cuz baby I love you and you are mine!


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