Do you really love me?
Or is it a lie what I see?

Are we really made for each other?
Or are you to be my brother?

With thoughts so random,
Is our story a phantom?

And you may not know,
But it hurts to let you go!
All these questions lined,
Could be answered only if I could read your mind.

But I see you walk away,
Though you know I ain’t okay.

Right now, I’m without you,
Scared that you found someone new.

We used to call it love,
No more is it a dove.

I know I’m insane,
From me you have nothing to gain.
Are you really kind?
To know, baby, let me read your mind.

Groping for you in the dark,
The light which went out in a spark.

I too wanna run away,
But I have so much to say.
I know for you , I’m nothing,
But you are my everything.

That little thing ,
So much it could bring.
But you left it all behind,
Wish I had read your mind.

But now that you are free,
You’ve got all the happiness and glee.

Baby, you are my need,
But without me, your life you wanna lead.

I wish I could help it,
But the , we’ve already hit.

You think I’m mean,
Maybe,the other side you’ve never seen.
One day your love I’ll find,
The day, when I will read your mind.


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