Love is like a dam. You allow even a tiny drop of water to trickle out, it can bring out the entire structure. And then no one has a control over the current with what it flows. Not even the world.You flow along with that force. And for that you should know to swim. If you don’t, then you may drown. Forever. And to swim , you need to be happy, letting the water do any ,any crap to you. You enjoy the coolness only for sometime , but later you understand that you need to survive,cuz at a point the water gets cold beyond limits. Cold and dead.And believe me it never stops.Never. I too want to experience the joy , but I need to learn to swim first. But what if it gets too late? What if the dam never breaks?What if I never jump into it? Or what if there is no water itself? What then? Cuz , maybe it breaks ,ONLY once . And the water flows and flows, until the current stops. Until it spreads and gets shallow than ever…You dont feel the coolness , nor do the currents and waves swaying you in the water…Or maybe we just get numb, and dont feel anything! Not even the pain.And that is the worst part when you are ’emotionless’.When you find no reason to live. The feeling ‘love’ is loonngg lost now. Gone somewhere else, lost in its loneliness. 

And when you want to fall in love again , you’ve gotta collect all the water again and build a whole new dam. And wait for someone to come and break the wall again. To feel the same. But now you know what is going to happen, you have lost the feeling of adventure and enthusiasm. You tend to build up a way more stronger dam. So that it doesn’t break easily this time. You wait ,wait and wait for someone to come and break it. But deep inside something dreads you, And tells you,” No! Dont allow it to break.”. But the joy you had once experienced tempts you .To let it break, to let it open even by the tiniest jerk.

That is what is happening to me now. The dam wall has grown so, so strong with time that even the strongest love on this face of this earth would require lot of effort to pull it down. But to my surprise I can see and sense, the drop trickle down again. Everything is going to happen once again. Should I allow the drop continue its journey? Or should I stop it and repair the crack?  I am confused.


12 thoughts on “Love?

      1. True, SterbaPoet, you are right in so many ways! Perhaps, even further, there is the love that places our beloved above ourselves: that does not want to, but is willing to let go (for the beloved to grow). If we and our beloved both treasure each other to such extent, than love can be very enduring. But how much do we love a love like that, over other attractions? My thoughts are the appreciation of who we love is shaped much by personal values and understanding of love, more than what most people will attribute to! Just my 2 cents, just to share and learn together…

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