If you and I ,
Were one only in dreams.
Then dear world just try,
To see that no one screams.

Cuz, if  you and I,
Are impossible in reality.
Then I would like to die,
With scenarios of my own creativity.

Don’t wake me up,
Cuz I live in a place lacking cries.
Where there is a tomorrow,
A place I call my paradise.

If only asleep,
We could kiss.
If only there I dint have to weep,
Then reality I wouldn’t have to miss.

If only there you loved,
If only there we fit.
Tonight, lets run away,
And let our lives alit.

If only there we smiled,
If only there we lived.
And not just existed,
Then let these eye lids remain fixed.

For dreams that we see,
Don’t fit in reality we live.
Let me sleep even at the hour of wee,
The last thing world could give.

I can feel and love you the same,
For here no story gleams.
To live a life that we frame,
If only in dreams.

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