“I dont really know what this word up there really means. I dont know how and when exactly its supposed to be used and to whom.”


Recently I met this guy. He is senior to me. And let me tell you he is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Like ever. Being with him I have realized that beauty is not meant for the eyes-not meant to be seen but to be felt. No wonder the blind claim to ‘see’ the beauty of the world.

He is a simple guy. He dresses in the most simple thing (Okay. Not exactly simple. Coz in a world like this you can afford to be ‘simple’ to only a certain extent). He has a brain which most guys of our generation lack. -.-. I am not sure if he has a heart though. Okay…I mean biologically he does- if you get what I mean.

Also, he has the most beautiful eyes on the face of earth. The most. They are somewhat hazel and with that soft tinge of warmth. I wouldnt mind spending my life there. The most amazing part is that everytime – mark you, ‘everytime’ I look into his eyes I feel as though he has got all the secrets of the universe (including my own)hidden deep in his eyes made into a tiny bundle. As though they have been as old as time. Oh! They are just too pretty.

I dont really know what it is to be in his arms cuz I have never been there and perhaps I will never be. Cuz that place is meant for someone of much more worth. Perhaps I shall never know if he has a heart..cuz I shall never get close enough to him to feel his heart beat. Perhaps I shall die ..wither in the midst of the wonder of how and why he is so- and-so. Perhaps I will never know what it is to feel his love.

But someone said ..love isnt about possesion. It is about appreciation. Therefore I have no choice , but to wait.
I shall wait to be loved. Wait to feel the beauty .

Though the funny part is that I shall never gather enough courage to confess it to him. Never. And so he shall never know. This is even worse. What if the beauty I adore ….finds the same in me. What if something that could be….will not be just because of my hesitation?I dont need regret. Neither do I want disappointment. Its a hard choice. Help me.

Alas! Only once. Only if I could smell his love. Once. Taste and know what ‘the beautiful’ is. Once. Just once. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Beautiful.

  1. You don’t have to know his love, he has to see yours and when the connection is mutual you just know!!
    Enjoy the feeling of love, even when not reciprocated as it really only comes from within you!!

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