” The doctor said I had cancer. I knew the sun would soon set any time now. Not just my sun, but my family’s. My 3 month old daughter , would now not have a daddy. My wife would not have a husband. I have lost hope. Every night I go to bed with this dreadful thought creep, that ‘ let’s not sleep, but enjoy this night, lets live it to the fullest’ because you never know if this would be the last night of my life. Every morning when the sun rises, I feel so thankful , that God gave me another day to keep a few more promises . I feel so energetic, but one day dear, this conversation would just be a memory…”     

and Manohar Sir walked off with brimming eyes. Never had he seemed so fragile to me. But why him? Well, he isn’t the only one though. There are many like those suffering from cancer…craving hard for the every next breath they may or may not take.Last year 1,148,757 people died of cancer. This poem is dedicated to all those perishing angels who are drenched in the trauma of death…

I look at the moon,
That would hide behind the clouds tomorrow.
Same would happen to me soon,
Hidden behind the shadows of sorrow.

The sun would once again rise,
But perhaps missing a few out this time.
Without some laughs without some cries,
It would lose a bit of its chime.

To realise what I was fraught,
Million curses gone for good.
In the trap of death I was caught,
But I wont call it rude.

I sit here alone,
Watching the stars shine like gem.
Out my candle will be blown,
As tomorrow I would be one of them.

Tonight’s alarm would be my last,
Though by then I would be free.
I myself would be a past,
As tomorrow begins without me.


16 thoughts on “Tomorrow Begins Without Me.

  1. Hello dear.
    You write very well indeed.
    I am a part of the Hurmainne cancer prevention programme.
    I was wondering if I could publish this poem on your behalf in the annual magazine published by our organisation.
    I’d be glad to have your permission and support.
    Thank you.
    You can contact me at:

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